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COVID-19 - Change to a Positive Mindset

16 April 2020
Today would have been the last day of the national lockdown. The initial period has been extended, but with a positive mindset you will get through the next two weeks. Multiple studies have demonstrated the physical and mental benefits of positive thinking.

By taking small steps, you can think more positively.
1. Start the day with a positive affirmation – tell yourself that you will have a good day
2. Focus on good things, no matter how small it seems
3. Find humour in this difficult situation - read jokes or watch comedies and have a laugh
4. Change from negative to positive self-talk - don't allow negative self-talk to fill your mind
5. Find positive friends and mentors -when you are surrounded by positive people, their positive words will affect your way of thinking

Make an effort to get rid of negative thoughts.